Pope, Stephen Travis


Real-Time Performance via User Interface to Musical Structures

Journal of New Music Research Vol. 22, No. 3. Lisse: Swets and Zeitlinger: 195-212.

Language(s): English


Algorithm Grammar Interactivity Analysis Computer Music Live Electronics


Stephen Travis Pope introduces and compares various software programs for computer music and live performance. He focuses his analysis on the possibilities to manipulate and represent the high-level abstractions of musical data structures.

List of software:

  • Sound Kit (sampled signal editing tool)
  • Kyma (music composition package)
  • ARA (knowledge-based software to describe work)
  • DoubleTalk (predicate-transition or PrT diagrams)
  • MODE (compositional algorithms and tools)
  • Alternate Reality Kit (visual programming)
  • ThinkerToy (modeling decision support)
  • Chinese Temple Design Toolkit (aid in the process of refinement of a design)

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