GIOMI, Francesco, SCHWOON, Kilian


Il continuo mutevole: Altra voce di Luciano Berio (The mutable discourse: Altra voce by Luciano Berio)

Il suono trasparente. Analisi di opere con live electronics (Transparent sound. Analyses of live electronic works), Cremaschi, Andrea , Giomi, Francesco (eds.) Rivista di Analisi e Teoria Musicale. Periodico dell Associazione Gruppo di Analsi e Teoria MusicaleÓ (GATM). No.2, anno XI.

Language(s): Italian


Spatialisation Live Electronics


Altra voce (2001), for alto flute, mezzosoprano and live electronics, is generated from one episode taken from Cronaca del luogo, the last theatrical work by Berio. Francesco Giomi and Kilian Schwoon, who were members of staff at Centro Tempo Reale and assisted Luciano Berio in the realization of the work, analyse the structural role of the electronic system. The work utilised: live sampling of musical fragments, a harmonizer, and spatialization. Even though many aspects are precisely notated, many other aspects are left to the live performer’s sensibility in order to adapt them to the musicians and to each environment in which the piece is performed. As in other works by Berio of the same period, Altra voce reflects an attention to the spatial parameter, that can open and render a closed space, such as a traditional theatre, more flexible.

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GIOMI, Francesco, SCHWOON, Kilian (2005). Il continuo mutevole: Altra voce di Luciano Berio