Zagaykevych, Alla, Zavada, Ivan


Development of electronic music in Ukraine: emergence of a research methodology

Organised Sound: Vol. 12, No. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 153-165.


Language(s): English


Analysis Electronic Music Electroacoustic Communities National and Regional Practices and Styles


In this article the authors present an overview of the current situation in Ukraine, with regards to the question of analytical terminology applied to new methods of creation in electronic music composition. The article establishes the differences and the similarities between the analyses of instrumental and electronic music structures, while considering the role of technology in the creation of new electronic music works. This paper also establishes a link between the origin of current analytical processes and electronic music practice in Ukraine, taking into account the function of a given terminology and its characteristic elements relating to a local geographical and cultural context. The authors underline the importance of integrating new music forms in academic circles and discuss external influences in the development of new musical systems. This is demonstrated by exposing selected musical materials, which can be considered representative of the creative and theoretical processes found in the field of electronic music in Ukraine.