Dupont, Ma˙lis


Pour une écoute critique : l'émergence de la musique

Jean-Claude Risset, Portraits Polychromes. Paris: INA-GRM/CDMC.


Language(s): French

Media(s): Audio ,  Animation


Classification of Sound Sound Object Analysis Semantic Listening Acousmographe Structural Analysis Causal Listening Listening Strategy Computer Music Electroacoustic Music


Like Daniel Teruggi (Aprčs une écoute de Sud), Ma˙lis Dupont presents her listening experience of Sud (Jean-Claude Risset). However, the difference with the Teruggi article has to do with structural listening: of course she hears sound objects, but she also hears the structural relations between the sounds as well as between a sound and its numerous transformations. Her analysis is completed with a graphic representation of the work’s beginning.

Abstract translation(s):


Dupont, Ma˙lis (2001). Pour une écoute critique : l'émergence de la musique

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