Mion, Philippe


La grotte, extrait de Hétérozygote

Luc Ferrari, Portraits Polychromes. Paris: INA-GRM/CDMC.

URL: http://www.ina.fr/grm/acousmaline/polychromes/index.fr.html

Language(s): French

Media(s): Audio ,  Animation


Echo Reverberation Analysis Visual Representation Structural Analysis Electroacoustic Music Anecdotal Composition


Philippe Mion analyses an extract of Hétérozygote (Luc Ferrari) in 5 parts: reverberation, the voices, call without response, echos and repetitions, and formal structure.

Abstract translation(s):


Mion, Philippe (2001). La grotte, extrait de Hétérozygote

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Mion, Philippe (2002). L'Œil écoute
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Mion, Philippe (2002). L'Œil écoute