Guérin, François


Aperçu du genre électroacoustique au Québec

Circuit, Revue Nord-Américaine de Musique du XXe Siècle, Vol. 4, N° 1-2. Montréal: Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal: 9-31.
2000: eContact!, vol. 3, no. 4. Montréal: CEC.


Language(s): French


Soundscape Composition Acousmatic Computer Music Electroacoustic Music Multimedia Live Electronics Mixed Work


This very complete article presents a panorama of electroacoustic music in Quebec. After defining generic terms (electroacoustic, acousmatic, mixed work, etc.), the author presents a number of concert venues, the key institutions, and the links with other countries. Finally, He analyses key performances and technical innovations dating from the last fifty years.

Abstract translation(s):


Guérin, François (1993). Aperçu du genre électroacoustique au Québec

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Guerin, François (1991). Un espace mental à favoriser


Guerin, François (1991). Un espace mental à favoriser

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