Savouret, Alain


Electroacoustique et perspective phonoculturelle

Circuit, Revue Nord-Américaine de Musique du XXe Siècle, Vol. 13, N° 1. Montréal: Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal: 9-19.

Language(s): French


Recording Listening Experience Electroacoustic Music Phonography


The author gives two definitions of the term electroacoustic: a genre which derives from the fact that one is able to make a recording ; the second pertains to the genre of works. After this first part, he analyes the links between the perception’s sound world and listening to electroacoustic music. In conclusion, he examines the role of the music’s recording media.

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Savouret, Alain (2002). Electroacoustique et perspective phonoculturelle

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Savouret, Alain (1972). Sur 'Tango'
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