Hoopen, Christiane ten, Landy, Leigh


La musique électroacoustique

Les Cahiers du CIREM, No. 22-23. Paris: Les Cahiers du CIREM: 79-96.

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Aural Analysis MIDI Sampling Analysis Visual Representation Electroacoustic Music Mixed Work


This article presents the electroacoustic works of François-Bernard Mâche in two sections:

  1. The environmental poetry in François-Bernard Mâche’s tape music: Christiane Ten Hoopen analysis of two works (Terre de Feu and Korwar) to study the use of natural sound in his music.
  2. Study of key approaches found in these works (Leigh Landy): electroacoustic music is a good way to demonstrate the ideas of Musique, Mythe, Nature (a book by F.B. Mâche). The author focuses on the analysis of Kassandra (1977) and includes a listening guide of 25 of Mâche’s electroacoustic works using the key approaches as a framework.

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Hoopen, Christiane ten, Landy, Leigh (1992). La musique électroacoustique