Boehmer, Konrad, ZanÚsi Christian,


Histoire du studio de la WDR de Cologne

Ars Sonora, No. 1. Paris: Ars Sonora/CDMC: 5-19.


Language(s): French


Timbre Electroacoustic Music Electronic Music Serialism


Konrad Boehmer speaks about history of Cologne WDR’s studio from 1949 to Karlheinz Stockhausen’s first experiences and his relation with Pierre Boulez, the arrival of Gottfried Michael Koenig in 1954, the concept of electroacoustic music, the rupture between Stockhausen and Koenig in 1963, the composers of the seventies, his own works and the future of electroacoustic music.

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Boehmer, Konrad, ZanÚsi Christian, (1995). Histoire du studio de la WDR de Cologne