Malec, Ivo, Giner, Bruno


Entretien avec Ivo Malec

Ars Sonora, No. 3. Paris: Ars Sonora/CDMC: 57-65.


Language(s): French


Analysis Electroacoustic Music Mixed Work


Ivo Malec speaks about his work composed at the studios of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales. He analyses the relationships between his instrumental writing and his electroacoustic techniques. This article focuses on work methods and musical discourse of several pieces: Attaca (1985) for percussionist and tape, Artemisia (1991) for tape and Exempla (1996) for orchestra.

Abstract translation(s):


Malec, Ivo, Giner, Bruno (1996). Entretien avec Ivo Malec

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Malec, Ivo, Giner, Bruno (2003). Rencontres avec Ivo Malec


Malec, Ivo, Giner, Bruno (2003). Rencontres avec Ivo Malec

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