Prod’homme, Lucie


De l'application pédagogique des Unités Sémiotiques Temporelles

Ars Sonora, No. 6. Paris: Ars Sonora/CDMC: 44-52.


Language(s): French


Sound Object Schaefferian Theory Music Education Analysis Acousmographe Semiotics


The author explains how the Traité des objets musicaux is the first publication to propose new concepts for contemporary music analysis. After this introduction, she presents the use of the new UST (Unité Sémiotique Temporelle: Temporal Semiotic Units) system, an analysis, composition and interpretation method.

Abstract translation(s):


Prod’homme, Lucie (1997). De l'application pédagogique des Unités Sémiotiques Temporelles

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