Augoyard, Jean-François


L'objet sonore ou l'environnement suspendu

Ouïr, entendre, écouter, comprendre après Schaeffer. Paris: INA-GRM/Buchet-Chastel: 83-106.

Language(s): French


Sound Object Schaefferian Theory Reduced Listening Gestalt Phenomenology Psychoacoustics


The author presents two paradoxes:

  1. the theory of the sound object is not effective for a composer but the origin of new electroacoustic music is nevertheless the acousmatic theory of listening
  2. the study of sonic environments needs new classification tools: might Schaefferian classification represent such a tool? The question is important because Schaeffer never reflected on sonic environments.

Abstract translation(s):


Augoyard, Jean-François (1999). L'objet sonore ou l'environnement suspendu

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