Copeland, Darren


Cruising For A Fixing in this 'Art of Fixed Sounds'

Musicworks, No 61. Toronto: Music Gallery: 51-53.

Language(s): English


Acousmatic Listening Experience Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music


The author explores the relationships between acousmatic music and life: the role of memory in listening to acousmatic music, the use of everyday sounds by composers and the place of the art of fixed sounds iwithn the acoustic world.

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Copeland, Darren (1998). Vers une conscience d'associations/For An Awareness Of Associations
Copeland, Darren (1999). Is it Indifference or Ambiguity?
Copeland, Darren (2003). Survival Strategies for Electroacoustic Music


Copeland, Darren (1998). Vers une conscience d'associations