Camilleri, Lelio


Le bruit organisé

Ouïr, entendre, écouter, comprendre après Schaeffer. Paris: INA-GRM/Buchet-Chastel: 215-226.

Language(s): French


Schaefferian Theory Analysis Electroacoustic Music Typologie (Typology)


Lelio Camilleri discusses the place of noise in electroacoustic music. He describes a noise typology and presents its use in analysis in relation to Smalley’s spectromorphology theory. He extracts several examples from works by Pierre Schaeffer, James Tenney, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Denis Smalley, Jonty Harison, John Young, Trevor Wishart and François Bayle.

Abstract translation(s):


Camilleri, Lelio (1999). Le bruit organisé

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