Davis, Deta S.


Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography

Madison, Wisc.: A-R Editions.

Language(s): English


Acoustics Computing Music Education Composed Space DSP Electroacoustic Devices MIDI Sampling Sound Shaping Sound Transformation Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Electroacoustic Instruments Interactivity Real-time Analysis Computer Music Music Psychology Psychoacoustics Signal Processing


This voluminous book lists bibliographical references on computer music and computer musicology in 24 categories from music and analysis to technologies.

Table of Contents:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Composition
  3. Compositions
  4. Computers in Music Education
  5. Conferences
  6. Digital Audio
  7. Digital Signal Processing
  8. Electronic and Pipe organs
  9. Micro- and Mini-computers
  10. MIDI
  11. Music Industry
  12. Music Printing and Transcription
  13. Musical Instruments
  14. Musicological and Analytic Applications
  15. Programming Languages and Software Systems
  16. Psychology and Psychoacoustics
  17. Reference, Research, and Music Library Applications
  18. Sound Generation for Music - Hardware
  19. Sound Generation for Music - Software
  20. Sound Generation of Music - Synthesis Techniques
  21. Sound Generation with Real-time Applications
  22. Spatial Simulation and Room Acoustics
  23. Speech
  24. Studios