Burt, Warren


Listening to the Ten Tape Pieces by Kenneth Gaburo

Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 33, No 1-2. Princeton: Princeton University Press: 148-161.

Language(s): English


Analysis Listening Experience Electronic Music Tape Music


The author presents brief analyses of the pieces: The Wasting of Lucrecetzia (1964), Fat Millie’s Lament (1965), Lemon Drops (1965), For Harry (1966), Dante’s Joynte (1966), Kyrie (1974), Rerun (1983), Few (1985), Hiss (1992) and Mouthpiece II (1992). These works were composed at the studios of the University of Illinois (Urbana) or in the composer’s home studio. The author describes the main characteristics, the circumstances and the process of creation of each piece.

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