Kronland-Martinet, R., Guillemain, Ph., Ystad, S.


Modelling of Natural Sounds by Time-frequency and Wavelet Representations

Organised Sound: Vol. 2, no. 3. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 179-191.


Language(s): English


Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques


Sound modelling is an important part of the analysis-synthesis process since it combines sound processing and algorithmic synthesis within the same formalism. Its aim is to make sound simulators by synthesis methods based on signal models or physical models, the parameters of which are directly extracted from the analysis of natural sounds. In this article the successive steps for making such systems are described. These are numerical synthesis and sound generation methods, analysis of natural sounds, particularly time-frequency and time-scale (wavelet) representations, extraction of pertinent parameters, and the determination of the correspondence between these parameters and those corresponding to the synthesis models. Additive synthesis, nonlinear synthesis, and waveguide synthesis are discussed.