Spiegel, Laurie


Music as Mirror of Mind

Organised Sound: Vol. 4, no. 3. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 151-152.


Language(s): English


Cognitive Science Psychoacoustics Structure, Musical [Str]


Hierarchical and other historically dominant models of perceived musical organisation are increasingly inapplicable to new musical processes and repertoire. The next major paradigm shift for music models, structures and concepts, perhaps comparable in importance to that in which polyphony gave way to homophony, may be a shift of emphasis from means of acoustic production and the nature of sound per se to new musical models based on psychoacoustics, cognitive studies and subjective auditory experience.

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Spiegel, Laurie (1989). Distinguishing Random, Algorithmic, and Intelligent Music
Spiegel, Laurie (1996). That was Then - This is Now
Spiegel, Laurie (1998). Graphical GROOVE: Memorial for the VAMPIRE, a visual music system

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