Cerena, Carlos


Gesture Control of Musical Processes: A MAX environment for Buchla's ‘Lightning'

Organised Sound: Vol. 5, no. 1. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 3-7.

URL: http://journals.cambridge.org/jid_OSO

Language(s): English


Controller Gesture Capture Interactivity Real-time


This paper describes a software package developed in MAX for using the gestures of a performer as control factors for music, via Buchla’s ‘Lightning’. The software not only tracks the x and y coordinates of each transmitter, but also calculates the direction, speed and acceleration of their movements in the whole space and relative to each other. The program is very configurable, allowing calibration of the data evaluation and adjustment of the sampling rate of the values sent by the Lightning. These features have been applied to composition in two different areas: an interactive choreographic environment, and a performing interface for musicians.

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