Rudy, Paul


Separation Anxiety: Metaphoric transmutations from a paradoxical biological instrument, or: What is a cactus doing in our concert hall?

Organised Sound: Vol. 6, no. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 125-130.


Language(s): English


Sound Shaping Real-time Spatialisation Digital Aesthetics Multimedia


Degrees of Separation: “Grandchild of Tree”. The work is a metaphor which portrays subtle transformations (or transmutations) in human existence precipitated by pervasive new technology. Development of this work has proven invaluable for the author’s approach to his music, and for the understanding of his position in the contemporary world of computers, technology and art. This paper attempts to describe these discoveries through outlining the levels of symbolism and metaphor in the work as realised through source abstraction (both visually and aurally), spatialisation and (re-)contextualisation.

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Rudy, Paul (2007). Timbral praxis: when a tree falls in the forest is it music?