Arfib, D., Coutrurier, J. N., Kessous, L., Verfaille, V.


Strategies of Mapping between Gesture Data and Synthesis Model Parameters Using Perceptual Spaces

Organised Sound: Vol. 7, no. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 127-144.


Language(s): English


Mapping Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Gesture Perception Psychoacoustics


This paper is about mapping strategies between gesture data and synthesis model parameters by means of perceptual spaces. The authors define three layers in the mapping chain: from gesture data to gesture perceptual space, from sound perceptual space to synthesis model parameters, and between the two perceptual spaces. To get a simple mapping between the gesture perceptual subspace and the sound perceptual subspace, they need to focus their attention on the two other mappings. We explain the mapping types: explicit/implicit, static/dynamic.