Riikonen, Taina


Shaken or Stirred - Virtual reverberation spaces and transformation gender identities in Kaija Saariaho's NoaNoa (1992) for flute and electronics

Organised Sound: Vol. 8 no. 1. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 109-115.

URL: http://journals.cambridge.org/jid_OSO

Language(s): English


Analysis Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Mixed Work


Kaija Saariaho’s NoaNoa for flute and electronics consists of two materials: the live flute part and the electronic component, which can be further divided into real-time and pre-recorded material. The sound mixtures of live instrument, pre-recorded material, and real-time electronics create diverse instrumental positions, which also have effects on the musician’s experiences of self and gender. This article examines the live flautist’s embodied identity during the real-time reverberation and the pre-recorded part. Different performances of NoaNoa by different performers introduce diverse embodied flautist identities where the negotiations of gender and self are constantly redefined.

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Riikonen, Taina (2004). Shared Sounds in Detached Movements: Flautist identities inside the ‘local-field' spaces

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