Thomson, Phil


Atoms and Errors: Towards a history and aesthetics of microsound

Organised Sound: Vol. 9 no. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 207-218.


Language(s): English


Microsound Digital Aesthetics Glitch Granular Music History of Electroacoustic Music


Microsound is an emerging approach to music composition and analysis which places emphasis on extremely brief time-scales, usually a tenth of a second or less, as well as an integration of this micro-time level with the time-levels of sound gestures, sections, movements and whole pieces. This paper summarises some of the technical issues involved in microsonic analysis/composition, traces a history of microsonic techniques in contemporary music, and examines some of its aesthetic implications in a social context.

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Thomson, Phil (2005). Soundscape Composition, Globality, and Implicated Critique