Bailey, Christopher


An Interface for ‘Flat Music'

Organised Sound: Vol. 9 no. 3. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 243-250.


Language(s): English


Interface Structure, Musical [Str]


Part of the author’s listening experience has been a coming to terms with a certain set of musical forms that he calls ‘flat’. Music in flat form means music that avoids obvious or dimensionally conjunct large-scale goals, points of arrival, ‘climaxes’, sectional boundaries, and the like, and therefore has proven difficult for many listeners. It has become clear to the author that this music demands a different listening approach, one at odds with the way music is typically appreciated in the concert hall. This approach is one that composers of music in flat form can facilitate through today’s computer-music resources. What is presented here is a specific instance of such an approach: the author’s composition Sand. Following this, its interface is presented.

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