McCartney, Andra


Où l'eau rencontre

eContact !, vol. 1, no. 1. Montréal : CEC.

Language(s): anglais ,  French


Écologie acoustique

Composition de paysage sonore

Musique anecdotique


L'auteur présente trois œuvres des compositrices Andra McCartney, Hildegard Westerkamp et Maggi Payne. Elle concentre son analyse sur l'utilisation de l'eau dans leurs paysages sonores et de ce qu'elle nomme "passage", un concept important en écologie acoustique et en théorie féministe.

Abstract translation(s): (English)

McCartney, Andra (1998b). Where water meets

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McCartney, Andra (1995a). A Prelude to Ea Gender Issues
McCartney, Andra (1995b). The Ambiguous Relation (1/2)
McCartney, Andra (1995c). Inventing Images: Constructing and Contesting Gender in Thinking about Electroacoustic Music
McCartney, Andra (1996). The Ambiguous Relation (2/2)
McCartney, Andra (1998a). Soundwalk in the Park with Hildegard Westerkamp
McCartney, Andra (2000a). Soundwalking Interactions
McCartney, Andra (2000b). Hildegard Westerkamp's Moments of Laughter: Recording Childhood, Performing Motherhood, Refusing to Shup Up, and Laughing
McCartney, Andra (2000c). Soundscape Composition and the Subversion of Electroacoustic Norms
McCartney, Andra (2000d). Sounding Places with Hildegard Westerkamp
McCartney, Andra (2002a). Alien Intimacies: Hearing science fiction narratives in Hildegard Westerkamp's Cricket Voice (or ‘I don't like the country, the crickets make me nervous')
McCartney, Andra (2002b). Sharing Experiences Towards the Possibility of an Electroacoustic Ecology
McCartney, Andra (2003). In and Out of the Sound Studio


McCartney, Andra (1995a). Un prélude aux problématiques en éa
McCartney, Andra (1995b). Le Rapport Ambigu (1/2)
McCartney, Andra (1996). Le Rapport Inconnu

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