How to use this website

There are three main means of navigating the current site. Accessing the Glossary will present users with an alphabetical list of all terms. Clicking on a term leads to a page indicating its orientation within the Subject Index (thus presenting related terms). Clicking again on the term will lead to that term’s bibliographical resources, currently only a definition(s). If desired, use of the site’s own navigation buttons in conjunction with "Back" and "Forward" browser buttons will enable users to approach the site in a linear, ‘book-like’, fashion. Accessing the Subject Index will take the user to a ‘nested’ structure devised by the authors. The Subject Index uses six highest level headers; Disciplines of Study (DoS), Genres and Categories (G&C), Musicology of Electroacoustic Music (MEM), Performance Practice and Presentation (PPP), Sound Production and Manipulation (SPM), and Structure (Str). There is inevitable overlap between headers, and terms with a single definition frequently appear in more than one location within the Subject Index.

A simple search facility has been implemented which enables users to type in a term with results showing the number of times that term appears on a particular page. Clicking on search results will take users directly to the term’s page within the Subject Index.

Some entries cite a "see" other term(s), which lead to a relevant page. These entries have not been selected for the index structure. Related or contrasting terms may be accessed through the provision of "see also" suggestions. These can be viewed by clicking the number that follows that term.

Pairs of terms based on a single root have been avoided. We have chosen, for example, the entry "harmonising" as opposed to "harmoniser". This is based on the project’s ethos of basing the system on concepts as opposed to specific items. Thus, terms normally appear in ‘verb’ rather than ‘noun’ form. It is with this in mind that specific items under, for example, Historical Electroacoustic Instruments or Devices have thus far not been added.

Non-English language terms are left in their original language when there is no accepted English term currently in use. Thus, since "Reduced Listening" is frequently used in English it does not also appear in French, while "Musique Concrète" remains in its original language. Translations of non-English terms have been suggested throughout, either in the main body of text or in brackets after the term’s heading. When using the site’s search facility, users will have to configure their browser to input non-English characters. However, terms in French or German can be searched for with accents omitted. Accents will not appear on the search results page, but will reappear in headers and texts. Technical means of enabling the multi-lingual development of the site will be developed in future phases of the project.

A conventional bibliography has not been provided for the site at this stage, since one of the site’s eventual purposes is to function precisely as a bibliography for electroacoustic music studies.


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