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  • XENAKIS, Iannis (1957). Le Corbusier’s‚ Elektronisches Gedicht - Philips Pavillon der Brüsseler Weltausstellung, 1958 (Le Corbusier’s Electronic Poem - For the Philips Pavilion at the Brussels World Exposition, 1958).

    Gravesaner Blätter. No. 9, 1957: Mainz: Ars Viva Verlag: S. 43-50/51-54

  • XENAKIS, Iannis (1958). Auf der Suche nach einer Stochastischen Musik (In search of a stochastic Music).

    Gravesaner Blätter. No. 11/12: Mainz: Ars Viva Verlag: 98-111/112-122.

  • XENAKIS, Iannis (1960/1961). Grundlagen einer stochastischen Musik (Elements of Stochastic Music).

    I) Gravesaner Blätter. No. 18: 61-83/84-105.
    II) Gravesaner Blätter. No. 19/20: 129-139/140-150.
    III) Gravesaner Blätter. No. 21: 102-111/113-121.
    IV) Gravesaner Blätter. No. 22: 131-142/144-155.

  • XENAKIS, Iannis (1966). Zu einer Philosophie der Musik (Towards a philosophy of music).

    Gravesaner Blätter No. 29: Gravesano (Tessin): Experimental Studio Gravesano: 23 – 38/39 – 57.
    Republished and expanded in: Iannis Xenakis: Formalized Music. Thought and Mathematics in Music, Revised Edition, Additional material compiled and edited by Sharon Kanach, (= Harmonologia Series No. 6), Stuyvesant, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1992, 201-341.

  • Xenakis, Iannis (1985). Music Composition Treks.

    Composers and the Computer. Los Altos: William Kaufmann: 170-192.

  • Xenakis, Iannis (1987). Xenakis on Xenakis.

    Perspectives of New Music: Vol. 25, No. 1-2. Princeton: Princeton University Press: 16-62.

  • Xenakis, Iannis (1996). Determinacy and Indeterminacy.

    Organised Sound: Vol. 1, no. 3. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 143-155.


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