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Alvarez, Javier (1989). Rhythm as Motion Discovered
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Appleton, Jon H. (1989c). {‘Otahiti}: The Evolution of a Personal Style
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Baboni Schilingi, Jacopo (2001). French Electro-acoustic Music: Musicians and Researchers
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Battier, Marc (1992). Sculpter la transparence. L’écriture, le geste, l’environnement
Battier, Marc (2002b). L’opéra et les technologies du son artificiel
Battier, Marc (2003c). Science et technologie comme sources d’inspiration
Battistelli, Giorgio (1995). Tecnologia e drammaturgia (Technology and dramaturgy)
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Bayle, François (1993). Musique acousmatique. Proposition... ...positions
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Bayle, François, Gayou, Evelyne (2003b). Mes images
Beaucage, Réjean (2002). Mutek - flou artistique ?
Beaucage, Réjean (2004). Le courant électrique dans Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques
Bennett, Gerald (1990). Repères électro-acoustiques
Bennett, Gerald (1995). Thoughts on the Oral Culture of Electroacoustic Music
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Berenguer, José Manuel (1997). Analytical Reveries I
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Bernardini, Nicola, Rudi, Jøran (2002). Compositional Use of Digital Audio Effects
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Blanchard, Philippe (1999). De Luigi Russolo al músico simbiótico (From Luigi Russolo to the symbiotic musician)
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Boehmer, Konrad (2002). Koenig - Sound Composition - {Essay}
Boehmer, Konrad, Zanési Christian, (1995). Histoire du studio de la WDR de Cologne
Boesch, Rainer (1996). Analysis in Electroacoustic Music (Music is not invented, it is composed)
Boeswillwald, Pierre (1996). Analysis in the Electroacoustic World
Boeswillwald, Pierre (2000). “Autres temps; autre temps” ou le temps et les arts sonores électroacoustiques
Bosma, Hannah (1998a). Gender and Electroacoustics
Bosma, Hannah (1998b). The Death of the Singer Authorship and Female Voice in Electroacoustic Music
Bossis, Bruno (2003). Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages
Bowers, John (2003). Improvising Machines: Ethnographically Informed Design for Improvised Electro-acoustic Music
Brattico, Elvira, Sassanelli, Fiorella (2000). Perception and Musical Preferences in Wishart’s Work
Bridger, Michael (1989). An Approach to the Analysis of Electroacoustic Music Derived from Empirical Investigation and Critical Methodologies of Other Disciplines
Bridger, Michael (2002). Narrativisation in Electroacoustic and Computer Music - Reflections on Empirical Research into Listeners’ Response
Bridoux-Michel, Séverine (2004). Musique, architecture, un projet multimédia: le Pavillon Philips de l’Exposion internationale de 1958
Brown, Andrew (2003). Electroacoustic music in Asia and the Pacific
Bruckert, Jacqueline (2001). Le message schaefferien and les CFMI
Budon, Osvaldo (2000). Composing with Objects, Networks, and Time Scales: An Interview with Horacio Vaggione
Burns, Christopher (2002a). Realizing Lucier and Stockhausen: Case Studies in the Performance Practice of Electroacoustic Music



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