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Appleton, Jon H. (1969). Re-evaluating the Principle of Expectation in Electronic Music
Barrière, Françoise (1995). Reflexions on the State of Electroacoustic Music Today : AEsthetic Evolution and Relation with the Public
Camilleri, Lelio, Smalley, Denis (1998). The Analysis of Electroacoustic Music: Introduction
Delalande, François (2002a). {Aquatisme}
Dupont, Maÿlis (2001). Pour une écoute critique : l’émergence de la musique
Ferraz, Silvio, Aldrovandi, Leonardo (2000). Loop-interpolation-random & Gesture: Déjà vu in computer-aided composition
Field, Ambrose (1996). An Introduction to Discovery Strategy
Hufschmitt, Aline (2001). Continuité ou discontinuité ? Un exemple de perception changeante de la fin de {Sud}
IRCAM-Hyptique, (1999). Dix jeux d’écoute
Karkoschka, Erhard (1972). Eine Hörpartitur elektronischer Musik (An electronic music listening score)
Keane, David (1981). The Quest for ‘Musically Interesting’ Structures in Computer Music
Keane, David (1986). At the Threshold of an Aesthetic
Keane, David (1989b). The Quest for “Musically Interesting” Structures in Computer Music
Lagrost, Jean-François (2001). Matières, espace, lumière et évolution : quatre manières de percevoir le début de {Sud}
López, Francisco (2004). Profound Listening and Environment Sound Behaviour
Norris, Michael (1999). Reinstating Interpretation: The status of Analysis in an Electroacoustic Context
Ouzounian, Gascia (2006). Embodied sound: Aural architectures and the body
Smalley, Denis (1986). Spectro-morphology and Structuring Processes
Smalley, Denis (1992). The Listening Imagination: Listening in the Electroacoustic Era
Smalley, Denis (1995a). The Listening Imagination: Listening in the Electroacoustic Era
Smalley, Denis (1999). Établissement de cadres relationnels pour l’analyse de la musique postschaefferienne
Wee, Cecilia (2002). Discussing Some Effects of Technology on Musical Participation in Contemporary Society
Windsor, W. Luke (2000). Through and Around the Acousmatic: The Interpretation of Electroacoustic Sounds
Worrall, David (1998). Space in Sound: Sound of Space



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