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Povall, Richard (1995). Compositional Methods in Interactive Performance Environments
Redolfi, Michel, Zanési, Christian (1996). Entretien avec Michel Redolfi
Revault D’Allonnes, Olivier (1975). Xenakis/{Les Polytopes}
Rudi, Jøran (2003). {Norge - et Lydrike, Norway Remixed}: A sound installation
Ryan, Joel (2006). Improvising with Others
Ryan, Joel, Salter, Christopher (2003). TGarden: Wearable Instruments and Augmented Physicality
Saariaho, Kaija, Hoitenga, Camilla, Karttunen, Ansi, Barrière, Jean-Baptiste, Stoianova, Ivanka, Mathieu, Jean-Baptiste (1999). Prisma
Sanio, Sabine (1999). Autonomie, Intentionalität, Situation: Aspekte eines erweiterten Kunstbegriffs: (Autonomy, Intention, Situation: Aspects of an expanded concept of art)
Schaeffer, Pierre (1991). March of Time
Schaeffer, Pierre, Pierret, Marc (1969). Entretiens avec Pierre Schaeffer
Shibata, Minao (1971). Music and Technology in Japan
Sousa Dias, Antonio de (2005). Articulation musique - image : les cas de {Réflexion faite...} et {Natureza morta - visages d’une dictature}
Sterken, Sven (2001). Towards a Space-Time Art: Iannis Xenakis’s {Polytopes}
Thibault, Alain (2002). Culture numérique et électroacoustique
Toeplitz, Kasper T. (2002). L’ordinateur comme instrument de concert - aussi une question d’écriture ?
Trân, Quang Hai (2001). Un dialogue occident-orient : l’exemple de {Vê Nguôn} (1975)
Truax, Barry (1996c). Sounds and Sources in {Powers of Two}: Towards a contemporary myth
Truax, Barry (2003). Homoeroticism and Electroacoustic Music: Absence and Personal Voice
Vande Gorne, Annette (1998). Les deux côtés du miroir : la mariée est-elle trop belle ?
Watts, Christopher (2004). Mixing Things Up: Collaboration, converging disciplines, and the music curriculum
Weber-Lucks, Theda (2003). Electroacoustic Voices in Vocal Performance Art - A Gender Issue?
Wilson, Julie A., Bromwich, Mark A. (2000). {Lifting Bodies}: Interactive dance - finding new methodologies in the motifs prompted by new technology - a critique and progress report with particular reference to the Bodycoder System
XENAKIS, Iannis (1957). Le Corbusier’s‚ {Elektronisches Gedicht} - Philips Pavillon der Brüsseler Weltausstellung, 1958 (Le Corbusier’s {Electronic Poem} - For the Philips Pavilion at the Brussels World Exposition, 1958)
Xenakis, Iannis (1981). Les chemins de la composition musicale
Xenakis, Iannis (1985). Music Composition Treks



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