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Bosma, Hannah (1998b). The Death of the Singer Authorship and Female Voice in Electroacoustic Music
Cutler, Chris (2000). Plunderphonics
Cutler, Chris (2004). Pluderphonia
Dreyer, Sylvain (1999). Marseille à l’heure électronique
Holm-Hudson, Kevin (1996). John Oswald’s {Rubaiyat (Elektrax)} and the Politics of Recombinant Do-Re-Mi
Holm-Hudson, Kevin (1997). Quotation and Context: Sampling and John Oswald’s Plunderphonics
Oswald, John (2001). Plunderphonics (a 2 CD set including a 50 page interview with Norman Igma)
Polansky, Larry (1998). Signing Together, Hacking Together, Plundering Together: Sonic Intellectual Property in Cybertimes
Sanjek, David (2003). Fairly Used: Negativeland’s {U2} and the Precarious Practice of Acoustic Appropriation


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