Immersive Umwelt / Immersion

Aufführungspraxis und Präsentation [APP]





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Virtuelle Realität



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Berry, Rodney, Dahlstedt, Palle (2003). Artificial Life: Why Should Musicians Bother?
Lowenstein, Oliver (2000). Return to the Body: Techno-Motion Musician Rolf Gehlharr’s Sound=Space
Mulder, Robert, Allick, Kristi (2002). {Fragrances of Time and Space}: An Omniscape Installation
Oliverio, James, Pair, Jarrell (1996). Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Opera
Packer, Randall (2005). Composing with Media: Zero in Time and Space
Paine, Garth (1999). Immersive Virtual Environments: A Social Perspective



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