Akustische Kommunikation

Wissenschaft Elektroakustischer Musik [WEM]


Sozio-kulturelle Aspekte Elektroakustischer Musik




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Barbosa, Álvaro (2003). Displaced Soundscapes: A Survey of Network Systems for Music and Sonic Art Creation
Chen, Tsai-Wei (2006). Sonic Constellations: Taiwanese sojourners’ listening experiences in London
Copeland, Darren (1998). Vers une conscience d’associations/For An Awareness Of Associations
Cubitt, Sean (1997). Online Sound and Virtual Architecture (Contribution to the Geography of Cultural Translation)
Dunn, David, Peer, René van (1999). Music, Language and Environment
Hannan, Michael (2006). Intermedia Collaboration for {The Flood}
Iwatake, Toru (1994). An Interview with Barry Truax
Rimbaud, Robin (a.k.a. Scanner) (2001). Remembering How to Forget: An Artist’s Exploration of Sound
Rocha Iturbide, Manuel (1995). Unfolding the Natural Sound Object through Electroacoustic Composition
Schafer, Murray R. (1991). Acoustic Space
Schafer, R. Murray (1994). The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World
Tanzi, Dante (1999). The Cultural Role and Communicative Properties of Scientifically Derived Compositional Theories
Truax, Barry (1976). A Communicational Approach to Computer Sound Programs
Truax, Barry (1977). The Soundscape and Technology
Truax, Barry (1992a). Electroacoustic Music and the Soundscape: The Inner and Outer World
Truax, Barry (1994). The Inner and Outer Complexity of Music
Truax, Barry (1996b). Soundscape, Acoustic Communication and Environmental Sound Composition
Truax, Barry (1999a). Handbook for Acoustic Ecology
Truax, Barry (1999c). Sonology: A Questionable Science Revisited
Truax, Barry (2001a). Acoustic Communication Studies at Simon Fraser University
Truax, Barry (2001b). Acoustic Communication - Second Edition
Voorvelt, Martijn (1997). The Environmental Element in Barry Truax’s Composition




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