Automatisierte Raumverteilungs-Systeme

Aufführungspraxis und Präsentation [APP]





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Ascione, Patrick (1991). La polyphonie spatiale
Fedorkow, Guy, Buxton, William, Smith, K.C. (1978). A Computer-Controlled Sound Distribution System for the performance of Electroacoustic Music
Loy, Gareth (1985). About AUDIUM - A Conversation with Stanley Shaff
Pulkki, Ville (1998). Creating Generic Soundscapes in Multichannel Loudspeaker Systems Using Vector Base Amplitude Panning in Csound Synthesis Software
Rolfe, Chris (1999). A Practical Guide to Diffusion
Truax, Barry (1996a). Electroacoustic Symbolism in {Powers of Two: The Artist}
Truax, Barry (1996e). Computer Controlled Diffusion
Truax, Barry (1998a). Composition and Diffusion: Space in Sound in Space
Wyatt, Scott A. (1999). Investigative Studies on Sound Diffusion/Projection



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