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Austin, Larry (2001). Sound Diffusion in Composition and Performance Practice II: An Interview with Ambrose Field
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Cheng, Corey I. (2001). Moving Sound Source Synthesis for Binaural Electroacoustic Music Using Interpolated Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)
Desantos, Sandra (1997). Acousmatic Morphology: An Interview with François Bayle
Dufour, Denis, Prager, Jonathan, Baudoux, Roald (2002). Interview Denis Dufour et Jonathan Prager (1/2)
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Lock, Damien, Schiemer, Greg (2006). Orbophone: A New Interface for Radiating Sound and Image
Loy, Gareth (1985). About AUDIUM - A Conversation with Stanley Shaff
MacDonald, Alistair (1995). Performance Practice in the Presentation of Electroacoustic Music
Morrill, Dexter (1981). Loudspeakers and Performers: Some Problems and Proposals
Morrill, Dexter (1989). Loudspeakers and Performers: Some Problems and Proposals
Otondo, Felipe (2005). Some Considerations for Spatial Design and Concert Projection with Surround 5.1
Otondo, Felipe (2006). Shaping sounds in York Minster
Pape, Gerard (2004). Varèse the Visionary
Prager, Jonathan, Coppe, Dimitri (2005). Acousmaxi ou acousmini ? Motus, mais pas bouche cousue...
Tutschku, Hans (2002). On the Interpretation of Multi-Channel Electroacoustic Works on Loudspeaker-Orchestras: Some thought on the GRM-Acousmonium and BEAST
Wessel, David (1991). Instruments That Learn, Refined Controllers, and Source Model Loudspeakers



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