Studiendisziplinen [SD]


Interdisziplinäre Studien



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Künstliche Intelligenz



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Ascott, Roy (1992). The Connectivist Paradigm: Art in Electronic Space and Molecular Time
Gallet, Bastien (2002). Le boucher du prince Wen-houei
Garnett, Guy E. (2001). The Aesthetics of Interactive Computer Music
Glanville, Ranulph (2001). Between Now and Then: The Auto-Interview of a Lapsed Musician
Goto, Suguru (2006). The Case Study of An Application of The System, “BodySuit” and “RoboticMusic” - Its Introduction and Aesthetics
Kessous, Loïc, Arfib, Daniel (2003). Bimanuality in Alternate Musical Instruments
Kim, Jin Hyun, Seifert, Uwe (2006). Embodiment: The body in algorithmic sound generation
Krefeld, Volker (1990). The Hand in the Web: An Interview with Michel Waisvisz
Laubier, Serge de (1998). The Meta-instrument
Moles, Abraham A. (1968). L’évolution actuelle des musiques expérimentales
Mulder, Axel (1996). Getting a Grip on Alternate Controllers: Addressing the Variability of Gestural Expression in Musical Instrument Design
Oliveros, Pauline (1999). Quantum Improvisation: The Cybernetic Presence
Ostertag, Bob (2002). Human Bodies, Computer Music
Paine, Garth (2002). Interactivity, Where to from here?
Paine, Garth (2003). {Reeds}: A responsive environmental installation
Pignon, Paul (1978). A Philosophy of Music Systems - A Cybernetic Approach
Pressing, Jeff (1990). Cybernetic Issues in Interactive Performance Systems
Roads, Curtis (1986b). The Tsukaba Musical Robot
Rubine, Dean, McAvinney Paul, (1990). Programmable Finger-tracking Instrument Controllers
Sapir, Sylviane (2002). Gestural Control of Digital Audio Environments
Schaeffer, Pierre, Peignot, Jérome (1956). Bruits équivoques
Vertegaal, Roel, Ungvary, Tamas (1996). Towards a Musician’s Cockpit: Transducers, Feedback and Musical Function
Wanderley, Marcelo, Orio, Nicola (2002). Evaluation of Input Devices for Musical Expression: Borrowing Tools from HCI
Wilson-Bokowiec, Julie, Bokowiec, Mark Alexander (2006). Kinaesonics: The intertwining relationship of body and sound


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