Studiendisziplinen [SD]





- Practical seminar : Creating a simple electroacoustic piece in easy stages ( English , French )
- Tutorials : sound and music applications (Mac & PC) ( English , French , Spanish )
- Digital Creation with Sounds and Music ( English , French )
- Digital Music online course: Seminars on Digital Music ( English )
- Young Digital Creators ( English )



English - Español - Français - Deutch - Italiano

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VIDOLIN, Alvise, DOATI, Roberto (1983). Bollettino 3 – Bollettino del Laboratorio permanente per l’Informatica Musicale della Biennale (LIMB) (Review of the Permanent Laboratory for Computer Music of the Biennale)
Vishnick, Martin (2002). Electronic and Electroacoustic Music Composition in Contemporary Education
Watts, Christopher (2004). Mixing Things Up: Collaboration, converging disciplines, and the music curriculum
Weinberg, Gil (2002a). Playpens, Fireflies and Squeezables: New Musical Instruments for Bridging the Thoughtful and the Joyful
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Wick, Robert L. (1997). Electronic and Computer Music. An Annotated Bibliography
Worby, Robert (1989). Music Technology in Education
Worrall, David (1996). Studies in Metamusical Methods for Sound and Image Composition
Wright, Paul (1992). New Technology in the Classroom
Wright, Paul (1997). Seven Year Issues



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