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- Tutorials : sound and music applications (Mac & PC) ( English , French , Spanish )



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Bailey, Nick, Cooper, David (2000). Perceptually Smooth Timbral Guides by State-Space Analysis of Phase-Vocoder Parameters
Bossis, Bruno, Couprie, Pierre (2003). Tutorials : sound and music applications
Davis, Deta S. (1988). Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography
Dodge, Charles, Jerse, Thomas A. (1985). Computer Music Synthesis, Composition, and Performance
Roads, Curtis (1982). A Conversation with James A. Moorer
Roads, Curtis (1996c). The Computer Music Tutorial
Roads, Curtis, Pope, Steven Travis, Piccialli, Aldo, Poli, Giovanni De (Eds.) (1997). Musical Signal Processing
Verma, Tony S., Meng, Teresa H. Y. (2000). Extending Spectral Modeling Synthesis with Transient Modeling Synthesis




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