Virtuelle Realität

Studiendisziplinen [SD]


Interdisziplinäre Studien



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Immersive Umwelt / Immersion



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Berry, Rodney (1999). Feeping Creatures
Berry, Rodney, Dahlstedt, Palle (2003). Artificial Life: Why Should Musicians Bother?
Bonardi, Alain, Rousseaux, Francis (2004). Un exemple de médiation numérique opératique : l’opéra interactif sur CD-ROM {Virtualis}
De Ritis, Anthony (1999). {Cathedral}: An Interactive Work for the Web
Lokki, Tapio, Hiipakka, Jarmo, Hänninen, Rami, Ilmonen, Tommi, Savioja, Lauri, Takala, Tapio (1998). Realtime Audiovisual Rendering and Contemporary Audiovisual Art
Mandelis, James, Husbands, Phil (2003). Musical Interaction with Artificial Life Forms: Sound Synthesis and Performance Mappings
Mäki-Patola, Teemu, Laitinen, Juha, Kanerva, Aki, Takala, Tapio (2005). Experiments with Virtual Reality Instruments
Ng, Kia (2002). Sensing and Mapping for Interactive Performance
Packer, Randall (2005). Composing with Media: Zero in Time and Space
Tanzi, Dante (2005). Language, Music and Resonance in Cyberspace




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