Akustischer Raum

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Klanglandschaft (Soundscape)



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Banks, Joe (2002). The Sea Mists of Winter: A Report on the Role of Acoustic Factors in Human Spatial Perception
Bayle, François (2007). Space, and more
Blesser, Barry, Salter, Linda-Ruth (2006). Spaces Speak, Are You Listening? Experiencing Aural Architecture
Cheng, Corey I. (2001). Moving Sound Source Synthesis for Binaural Electroacoustic Music Using Interpolated Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)
Haas, Steve (2004). Active Acoustics: Defining One’s Private Acoustic Environment
Malham, David G. (2001). Toward Reality Equivalence in Spatial Sound Diffusion
Oliveros, Pauline (1994). Acoustic and Virtual Space as a Dynamic Element of Music
Russo, Marco (2002). Lo spazio come fonte di ispirazione nella musica del secondo ’900 (Space as inspiration source in the music of the second part of the XX century)
Russo, Marco (2004). Virtual space and cinema: the front-back presentation of sound
Schafer, R. Murray (1993). Voices of Tyranny Temples of Silence
Smalley, Denis (2007). Space-form and the acousmatic image



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