Cultural Studies

Disciplinas de Estudio [DdE]


A highly diverse interdiscipline that considers cultural formations and processes from (generally postmodern) perspectives of power, ideology, gender, nationality, ethnicity. It may draw upon any number of numerous fields and methods, for example political theory, social theory, media studies, anthropology, literary studies, religious studies. It is implicit that Cultural Studies does not simply aim to observe, but to take an active role in cultural processes – for example, the journal Cultural Studies (Routledge) “aims to intervene in the processes by which the existing techniques, institutions and structures of power are reproduced, resisted and transformed.” In the UK, Cultural Studies was strongly associated with the development of the ‘Birmingham School’, or Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, founded in the 1960s at the University of Birmingham.


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Milicevic, Mladen (1998). Deconstructing Musical Structure



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