Composición Automática

Estructura Musical [Str]




La composición automática es una forma de composición algorítmica que involucra elementos mecánicos, o más frecuentemente digitales, de toma de decisiones.



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Cope, David (1999). Facing the Music: Perspectives on Machine-Composed Music
DI SCIPIO, Agostino (2002). Tecnologia dell’esperienza musicale nel Novecento (The technology of musical experience in the 20th century)
Hoffmann, Peter (2004). Something Rich and Strange: Exploring the Pitch Structure of {GENDY3}
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MADDEN, Charles (1999). Fractals in Music. Introductory Mathematics for Musical Analysis
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Supper, Martin (2001). A Few Remarks on Algorithmic Composition
ZARIPOV, Rudolf Chafizovic (1985). Musica con il calcolatore. Le regole matematiche della composizione (Music with computers. The mathematical rules of composition - second edition)
Zattra, Laura (2007). The Assembling of Stria by John Chowning: A Philological Investigation


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