Estructura Musical [Str]


Estructura a Nivel Micro


Este término se refiere a una pequeña porción de sonido, "una partícula acústica elemental" (Truax), que puede ser combinada con otras para crear sonidos o eventos de mayor complejidad o duración en una composición.

(Fuente: Rodolfo Caesar (1992). The Composition of Electroacoustic Music. Tesis de doctorado, University of East Anglia)


See also

Música Granular


Síntesis/Resíntesis Granular



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Alphabetical order - Chronological order

Di Scipio, Agostino (1994b). Micro-time Sonic Design and Timbre Formation
Palombini, Carlos (1993b). Pierre Schaeffer’s Typo-Morphology of Sonic Objects
Risset, Jean-Claude (2005b). Horacio Vaggione: Towards a Syntax of Sound
Roads, Curtis (1988b). Introduction to Granular Synthesis
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Roads, Curtis (2005). The Art of Articulation: The Electroacoustic Music of Horacio Vaggione
Solomos, Makis (2004). Xenakis’ Thought Through his Writings
Solomos, Makis (2005). An Introduction to Horacio Vaggione’s Musical and Theoretical Thought
Truax, Barry (1990). Composing with Real-time Granular Sound
Whitelaw, Mitchell (2003). Sound Particles and Microsonic Materialism



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