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Research conducted primarily from the perspective of gender, investigating, for example, ideology, discourse, psychoanalytical theories, power structures, institutional structures, otherness. The study of musical structures, practices and institutions from such perspectives has been one aspect of the development of so-called new musicology, or critical musicology. Gender studies relating to technology are also of specific pertinence to electroacoustic music studies. More broadly, Gender Studies has considered representations of femininity and masculinity across the different art forms and cultural practices.



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Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth (2003). Women and Music Technology: Pioneers, Precedents and Issues in the United States
Hutton, Jo (2003). Daphne Oram; Innovator, Writer and Composer
Weber-Lucks, Theda (2003). Electroacoustic Voices in Vocal Performance Art - A Gender Issue?



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