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Termine generico che designa forme innovative di musica elettroacustica popular create in studio, su computer personale o in concerto. Sebbene generalmente influenzate dalle forme correnti di musica dance, l’elettronica non è pensata per situazioni dance ma piuttosto per situazioni orientate all’ascolto puro.



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Bayle, François (1998). L’espace des sons et ses ’’défaut’’
Beaucage, Réjean (2002). Mutek - flou artistique ?
Beaucage, Réjean (2004). Le courant électrique dans Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques
Bouhalassa, Ned (2002). Electroniquoi ? Chronique de la naissance d’une nouvelle constellation sonore
Brümmer, Ludger (1997). Les frontières se dissolvent...
Byrne, David (2002). Machines of Joy: I Have Seen the Future and It Is Squiggly
Cascella, Daniela (2004). Scultori di suono (Sculptor of sound)
Cole, Bruce (1996). MIDI and Communality
Collins, Nick, McLean, Alex, Rohrhuber, Julian, Ward, Adrian (2003c). Live Coding in Laptop Performance
Delalande, François, Dessy, Jean-Paul, Franck, Philippe (2003). De Schaeffer au Djing : nouvelles pratiques, nouvelles écoutes
Dhomont, Francis (1999). Dynamique de l’arrêt sur image
Dreyer, Sylvain (1999). Marseille à l’heure électronique
Dufour, Denis, Prager, Jonathan (1997). Entretien avec Denis Dufour
Gallet, Bastien (2002). Le boucher du prince Wen-houei
Hegarty, Paul (2001). Noise Threshold: Merzbow and the end of natural sound
Hyde, Joseph (2003). Off the Map? - Sonic Art in the New Media Landscape
KLEINER, Marcus S. and Achim SZEPANSKI (Ed.) (2003). Soundcultures. Über elektronische und digitale Musik
Loubet, Emmanuelle (2000). Laptop Performers, Compact Disc Designers, and No-Beat Techno Artists in Japan: Music from Nowhere
Marsh, Charity, West, Melissa (2003). The Nature/Technology Binary Opposition Dismantled in the Music of Madonna
Mikic, Vesna (2002). {Vris.Krik.exe}: A Techno - Music Metaphor of Subject/Body
Neill, Ben (2002). Pleasure Beats: Rhythm and the Aesthetics of Current Electronic Music
Rey, Anne (2002). Pierre Henry dans son bel aujourd’hui
Rodgers, Tara (2003). On the Process and Aesthetics of Sampling in Electronic Music Production
Sciarrino, Salvatore, Somigli, Paolo (2003). Nature technologique
Sherburne, Philip (2001). 12k: Between two points
Shirt Trax, (2001). No More Mind Games
Shono, Susumu (1990). Techno-éclectisme
Smith, Sophy (2000). Compositional Strategies of the Hip-hop Turntablist
Szepanski, Achim (2001). A Mille Plateaux Manifesto
Thaemlitz, Terre (2001). Operating in Musical Economies of Compromosie (or ... When do I get paid for writing this?)
Thaemlitz, Terre (2003). GLOBULE of NON-STANDARD: An attempted clarification of globular identity politics in Japanese electronic ‘sightseeing music’
Thibault, Alain (2002). Culture numérique et électroacoustique
Trowell, Ian (2001). Auto-synthesis
VALENTINO, Roberto (1986). Le altre elettroniche (Other electronics)
Vickery, Lindsay (2001). The Western Edge: Some recent electronic music from Western Australia
Voorvelt, Martijn (2000). New Sound, Old Technology



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