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Termine associato alla cultura della musica Hip-Hop a DJ. Il Turntablist un musicita che intende lo scratching e il missaggio di registrazioni su un doppio giradischi come atto artistico ed espressivo. Il Turntablism il processo di creazione musicale che utilizza le tecniche di scratching, backspinning, il taglio (cutting) and il crossfading (missaggio incrociato).



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Collins, Nicolas (2003d). Groove, Pit and Wave
Fikentscher, Kai (2003). “There’s not a problem I can’t fix, ‘cause I can do it in the mix”: On the Performative Technology of 12-inch Vinyl
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Gelling, Randy (2000). Turntablism
Hansen, Kjetil Falkenberg (2002). The Basics of Scratching
Hansen, Kjetil Falkenberg, Bresin, Roberto (2006). Mapping Strategies in DJ Scratching
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Kahn, Douglas (2003). Christian Marclay’s Early Years: An Interview
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Lippit, Takuro Mizuta (2006). Turntable Music in the Digital Era: Designing Alternative Tools for New Turntable Expression
Marclay, Christian (1998). Christian Marclay [in interview]
Schaefer, Janek (2001). {AudiOh!}: Appropriation, Accident and Alteration
SMITH, Sophy (2007). The process of ‘collective creation’ in the composition of UK hip-hop turntable team routines
Smith, Sophy (S. J.) (2005). The Compositional Proceses of UK Hip-Hop Turntable Teams
Toop, David (2000). Hip Hop: Iron Needles of Death and a Piece of Wax



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