Intelligenza Artificiale (IA)

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Apparsa nel 1956, l’Intelligenza Artificiale Ŕ, all’interno dell’informatica (Computing Sciences), una disciplina il cui obiettivo Ŕ la simulazione di aspetti dell’intelligenza umana.




- Digital Music online course: Artificial Intelligence and music ( English )



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Ascott, Roy (1992). The Connectivist Paradigm: Art in Electronic Space and Molecular Time
Baird, Bridget, Blevins, Donald, Zahler, Noel (1993). Artificial Intelligence and Music: Implementing an Interactive Computer Performer
Beyls, Peter (1991). Chaos and Creativity: The Dynamic Systems Approach to Musical Composition
Burns, K. H. (2004). Algorithmic Composition
Camurri, Antonio, Leman, Marc (1997). AI-based Music Signal Applications - A Hybrid Approach
Corino, Gianni, Miranda, Eduardo Reck (2003). Digital Music: online tutorials on computer music
Dierbach, Charles (1983). Some Initial Ideas on the Control of Digital Sound Synthesis Through AI Techniques
Gartland-Jones, Andrew, Copley, Peter (2003). The Suitability of Genetic Algorithms for Musical Composition
Goto, Suguru (2006). The Case Study of An Application of The System, “BodySuit” and “RoboticMusic” - Its Introduction and Aesthetics
Mandelis, James, Husbands, Phil (2003). Musical Interaction with Artificial Life Forms: Sound Synthesis and Performance Mappings
Milicevic, Mladen (1999b). How Objective is Music?
Miranda, Eduardo Reck (1994). From Symbols to Sound: AI-based Investigation of Sound Synthesis
Miranda, Eduardo Reck (1994). The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Aided Sound Composition
Miranda, Eduardo Reck (1999c). Music, Machines, Intelligence and the Brain
Morrison, Kenneth (1999). Toward the Creation of an {Intelligent} Machine Improvisor
Roads, Curtis (1980a). Artificial Intelligence and Music
Roads, Curtis (1980b). Interview with Marvin Minsky
Roads, Curtis (1985c). Research in Music and Artificial Intelligence
ROADS, Curtis (1986c). Ricerche sulla musica e l’intelligenza artificiale (Musical research and artificial intelligence)
Roads, Curtis, Pope, Steven Travis, Piccialli, Aldo, Poli, Giovanni De (Eds.) (1997). Musical Signal Processing
Spiegel, Laurie (1989). Distinguishing Random, Algorithmic, and Intelligent Music
SUPPER, Martin (1994). Trivial oder nichttrivial... (Trivial or not trivial ...)
Supper, Martin (1997). Elektroakustische Musik und Computermusik; Geschichte-─sthetik-Methoden-Systeme (Electroacoustic Music and Computer Music: History, Aesthetics, Methods, Systems)



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