Comunità elettroacustiche

Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]  > 

Aspetti Socio-Culturali della Musica Elettroacustica

 >  Ethnomusicology  ]

na comunità è un gruppo che condivide uno o più interessi. Può essere locale, nazionale o internazionale. Può essere caratterizzata dalla presenza fisica o virtuale dei suoi componenti. Pertanto le comunità elettroacustiche sono gruppi che hanno la musica elettroacustica come interesse comune.



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Alphabetical order - Chronological order

Battier, Marc (2007). What the GRM brought to music: from musique concrète to acousmatic music
Burns, Kristine H. (1997). An Emerging Digital Community: The CD-ROM artists
Coenen, Alcedo (1997). NEAR - The Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Repertoire Centre
Endrich, Archer (1997). Composers’ Desktop Project: A musical imperative
Kuljuntausta, Petri (1997). ‘Charm of Sound’: Something new in the Finnish contemporary music scene?
Landy, Leigh (1996). Quality {and} Quantity (if we’re lucky) {or} Marcuse’s problem ain’t been solved yet
Landy, Leigh (1998a). L’espace divisé vs. l’espace unifié (la separation est-elle en train de disparaître?)
Landy, Leigh (1998b). Digital Music Technology Can Aid in Bringing Music Back as a Part of Life
Landy, Leigh (2001a). From Algorithmic Jukeboxes to Zero-time Synthesis: A potential A-Z of music in tomorrow’s world (a conference provocation)
Richard, Dominique (1997b). Voices in the Desert: An ontology of the electroacoustic community
Tanzi, Dante (2001). Music Negotiation: Routes in user-based description of music
Thaemlitz, Terre (2001). Operating in Musical Economies of Compromosie (or ... When do I get paid for writing this?)
Trueman, Dan (2007). Why a laptop orchestra?
Zagaykevych, Alla, Zavada, Ivan (2007). Development of electronic music in Ukraine: emergence of a research methodology



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