Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]  > 

Discorso sulla Musica Elettroacustica


Imitazione cosciente o incosciente di alcuni aspetti della natura o della cultura.


See also

Compositione aneddotica


Discorso uditivo mimetico (Aural Mimetic Discourse)


Diapositiva sonora (Diapositive sonore)









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Barrett, Natasha (2000b). A Compositional Methodology Based on Data Extracted from Natural Phenomena
D’Escrivan, Julio (1989). Reflections on the Poetics of Time in Electoacoustic Music
Dixon, Martin (2006). Echo’s body: Play and representation in interactive music software
Emmerson, Simon (1982). Analysis and the Composition of Electro-Acoustic Music
Emmerson, Simon (1986). The Relation of Language to Materials



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