E-strumento e I-strumento (Strumento Elettronico e Strumento di Internet)

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Strumenti elettroacustici


Si tratta di due termini non ancora entrati nell’uso corrente. Ai fini di questo glossario, si intende per E-strumento uno strumento elettronico, analogico o digitale, fisico o software. Uno I-strumento č uno strumento utilizzato solo su Internet.


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Internet Music



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Barbosa, Alvaro (2005). {Public Sound Objects}: a shared environment for networked music practice on the Web
Freeman, Jason, Varnik, Kristjan, Ramakrishnan, C., Neuhaus, Max, Burk, Phil, Birchfield, David (2005). Auracle: a voice-controlled, networked sound instrument
Kapur, Ajay, Wang, Ge, Davidson, Philip, Cook, Perry R. (2005). Interactive Network Performance: a dream worth dreaming?
Wright, Matthew (2005). Open Sound Control: an enabling technology for musical networking



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